Be opportunistic 👀

Newsletter #25

Happy new year everybody!

2020 has been an eventful year, to say the least, and luckily for us at eFounders, it's been one of our best ever. We've never launched so many new projects, (Canyon, Kairn, Crew, Collective, and Fleex) recruited so many new people (over 40), and met so many great entrepreneurs. We have proven that team effort will always win against individual performances, by building companies as a team.

And in doing so, we've shown a great deal of opportunism to rise above expectations and bring our visions to life. Entrepreneurship is more about seizing opportunities as they arise and less about waiting for all the right conditions to align to take action. In the last quarter especially, we have alongside our companies, been flexible and embraced opportunities as they came:

To reach new milestones 🚀

Briq (eF18) which started out as an internal eFounders tool, grew to become so much more. In November, Swile acquired Briq. A great union of forces that sets a new pace for employee engagement.

Spendesk (eF18) continues its quest to help companies control expenses with a $18M additional raise to last year's Series B. It will go to support Spendesk's growth which accelerated despite the current pandemic. Onwards and upwards!

To look brighter ✨

The quarter also was a time for a bit of sprucing up. Slite (eF17) introduced its new brand to reflect its sharper mission: to bring clarity to distributed teams around the world. We're big fans!

And on our side, we've revamped our website to highlight what's contributed the most to our success: the people.

Our companies also took the opportunity to spread the word about their missions. Upflow (eF18) launched FinanceLeaders, a newsletter with curated content on finance. Forest (eF16) looked into the product category of internal tools while Folk (eF19) shone a light on productivity 2.0.

To open new chapters 🚪

Capping off 2020 rhymed with meeting great people and (very) quickly deciding to join forces. We met two amazing entrepreneurs and in a matter of days, decided to partner up with them to launch Fleex. With Fleex, we want to offer remote employees everything they need to work in the best conditions.

We're also about to announce a very first for us at eFounders. The birth of a new startup studio. We partnered up with an amazing individual to launch it, and you should hear about it very soon. So stay tuned!

Thibaud took some time to think about what it means to scale our studio. A topic that will resonate even more as we step into 2021 and have a lot of exciting projects in the works, companies to partner with, and new people to work with.

More on all of that, very soon.

Stay safe & healthy,

The eFounders Team ✌️