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2020 has been a whirlwind of a year, and it’s not over yet. One thing is certain, it has fuelled our drive to build. We have not shied away from launching the companies of tomorrow. From partnering with talented entrepreneurs to turn our ideas into companies. From building B2B software that is collaborative and made for our ever more distributed teams. From fulfilling our mission: to help teams and individuals adapt to new ways of working. It’s never been more essential than today.

Our eF20 batch is a testament to that. But before introducing them, we’d like to entrust you with you a few ideas that we’ve got in the works for the upcoming year…

We’ve been particularly inspired by the new wave of productivity tools that is ever more collaborative and flexible. We’re working on specific topics, such as how to rethink spreadsheets (XLX), or make file systems more flexible (FileX). Or on how we can better organize ourselves in an office environment that’s ever-changing (RoomX). As you probably know by now, we name a project with a generic name followed by an X until we find a proper name along with the founders. Stay tuned to what they’ll turn into in 2021.

Now, without further ado we’re thrilled to announce our eF20 batch:


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Legal is unavoidable. It seeps into every area of a business and is way too expensive. Current LegalTech innovations have only focused on specialized solutions, on specific legal verticals. Legal teams badly need an end-to-end solution that will help them solve legal matters in a collaborative and efficient way.

Enter CEO Adrien van den Branden and CTO Thomas Vanderstraeten. A founding team that brings their technical and deep legal industry expertise. With them, we’re building Canyon: the first collaborative platform designed for legal work.


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We all know it, task managers require time and effort to maintain, when they should be focusing on one thing: to save its users time. That’s Kairn’s mission. Beyond a simple task manager, Kairn changes its user's productivity routines to supercharge their days.

With Kairn’s smart capture and integrations with a range of communication tools (Gmail, Slack, WhatsApp…) individuals and teams can create tasks as they come up, wherever they are. Patricia Bernasconi (CEO) and Augustin Vignet (CTO) have bold dreams for Kairn, ultimately they want to reinvent project management from the ground up.

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Recruiting has dramatically changed in the last decade and the existing application tracking systems (ATS) have not evolved at the same pace. Today, recruiters have to double down on new outbound methods (sourcing, cold outreach) and on building new partnerships.

Crew is the first all-in-one recruitment platform that seeks to address the changes from passive hiring to today’s much more active forms of recruiting. CEO Amine Skalli and CTO Mohamed Labouardy want just one simple thing: for companies to land the best crews, so they can reach the moon.

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Freelancing has been on the up-trend for a while and will evolve into new forms with the rise of groups of freelancers working together: collectives. While independent freelancers have dedicated platforms (Upwork, Fiverr etc), collectives are still completely underserved.

Jean de Rauglaudre, CEO and co-founder, leads Collective for it to become the go-to solution where the best pools of talent can legally and commercially offer their services and grow their businesses. Beyond just being a platform, Collective aims to create a new way of working where independence, security and fulfillment will prevail.

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