Launch Season 🎉

Newsletter #26

Hi everyone!

We hope you've had a great start to the year! On our side, we've had a first-quarter jam-packed with launches. Whether it's our newest startups who are arriving on the public scene and launching their companies for the very first time (oh so exciting times!) or our older (and wiser) companies who are growing fast and launching new products, features, and offers. It's been a bustling few months.

The very first launches 🌱

We started off the year by launching, not a startup, but a startup studio. A very first for us and probably not the last 👀 . Logic Founders, led by Camille Tyan is dedicated to launching the next wave of fintech companies. We are incredibly excited to be launching this new studio and have already got a startup or two in the works. Stay tuned!

It was also a time for our very last startup to get on stage: Fleex. Fleex provides employees with everything they need to work in the best remote conditions (think chairs, desks, lamps but also soon services). They're already speeding ahead, becoming a leading voice on the future of remote work, and equipping thousands of employees at great companies (Back Market, Shine, Swile...), so get in touch if you want to be next in line.

Independents rejoice! Collective has also been on the up, as it continues to grow its community made up of the best teams of independent experts. From product design to software development and SEO, all of our collectives can now be found here (with a lot more to come!). Collectives are to agencies, what startups are to the traditional company.

Last but not least, our good friends at June launched their instant product analytics app on Product Hunt!

Launching as you grow 📈

It's not just our current batch that's launched new and shiny things! Our portfolio companies have also decided to announce some big stuff in this first quarter.

They're all continuing to build and launch products that are looking sleeker and more powerful by the day. Slite launched a pack of new features including the ability to sketch, Forest launched for Ruby on Rails apps and Upflow released a free analytics product.

And Yousign announced earlier this year the launch of its new plan One, to make eSignature accessible to all organizations, regardless of their sizes.

Post-launch building 👩‍💻

It's after launches that the work truly starts and that we need to keep on building. And this quarter marked some pretty amazing building milestones. Congratulations to Spendesk for reaching the symbolic milestone of one billion euros spent, and to Aircall who is planning to hire 260 people this year and have their eyes set on even bigger things.

Back at our studio, we went from launch mode to ideas mode. We're now putting our heads down to think of what we'll build next. We're bursting with new ideas from no code, to vertical productivity and internal tooling - and they can all be found in our Call For Founders. Now we just need ambitious entrepreneurs to come join us and keep on launching! 🚀