Ten Years 🎂

Newsletter #27

Dear friends,

This quarter was pretty special for us. It marked 10 years since eFounders came into being. 10 years that Thibaud Elziere and Quentin Nickmans founded eFounders in a little corner office. In a decade, we've partnered with over 60 entrepreneurs and launched 30 companies. It's been nothing short of amazing.

Our ten years anniversary celebration coincided with a flurry of new records, births, and bets taken from our companies. If you had told us the content of this newsletter ten years ago, it would have been hard to believe we would have achieved all this. But here we are. So here's to all the 30 companies we've launched in the last ten years, and who will continue to raise the bar for the next ten.

Setting new records 🦄

June was jam-packed with fundraising announcements. First up was Yousign (eF18) who announced a 30M€ Series A round led by Lead Edge Capital. The bet? To take on the American giants (Adobe, Docusign) and become European eSignature leader for SMBs.

It was then Upflow's turn (eF18) who snagged a $15M Series A round to revolutionize how B2B businesses get paid. They have huge ambitions and need all the help they can get. They've just released a brand new and slick career page so if you're tempted to join (and you should!) have a look.

Last but not least, Aircall (eF14) raised a $120M Series D round led by Goldman Sachs and officially became the first eFounders unicorn! It took hard work, resilience, and impeccable execution. We raise our hats to Olivier, Jonathan, Xavier, and PB. Congratulations!

Welcoming new creations 🐣

We couldn't go a quarter without launching something new, and so we welcomed Numeral and AngelX (a code name for now). Numeral is the very first startup of our newly founded fintech studio: Logic Founders. Co-founded by Edouard Mandon and Hichem Mâalmi, Numeral's single API sets a new standard for banking orchestration.

We also unveiled a project that's been in the works for a little while, with AngelX we want to create the go-to platform for everything related to angel investing. And we're hiring key members of the founding team.

It was also a time for our portfolio companies to get creative ✨ . Equify launched Equity Stories, a podcast where Alexandre Léger interviews the hottest French founders about their equity culture. While Canyon launched LegalOps Stories a newsletter on contract management and the future of legal work.

Taking new bets 💥

Let's refresh! Forest Admin, Swan, and Crew showcased their brand new websites. Slick designs, unique value props, and bold missions. We like what we see 👀

While the type of software we build might not directly save lives, our companies took some time this quarter for the greater good. Spendesk got serious about its goal to reduce its impact on the environment and released a company climate plan and Front did its bit and contributed to vaccination efforts in France by helping Covidliste.

On our side, we've been thinking, assessing, and bursting with new ideas. We want to reinvent the CRM for product-led companies (CRMX), help employees better ward off cybersecurity threats (CyberX), and boost the productivity of growth and marketing teams (GTMX). Feel like taking any of these bets? Partner with us and get in touch!

And if you want to be first-in-line to test these new products, we're refreshing our list of pilots: the individuals and teams that test our products and give us invaluable feedback. Interested? Become a pilot.

We also took some time to write down our thoughts on the opportunities that remote work opens up and mapped the current players who are contributing to a more remote future. And as the world opens up, the team at Slite gathered insights from CEOs and leaders of eFounders companies to tell us what the office world will look like (if we ever go back!). A must-read.

Have a great summer everyone!

The eFounders team